Opinión de Luke & Angela sobre Casa Los Olivos

Agosto 2020 - Familias
This is our second summer holiday stay in this beautiful Villa. We enjoyed our first family holiday here last year and it made for the perfect choice for this year too. On both occasions we were welcomed to a clean, spacious and well equipped Villa.

The property is surrounded by the most beautiful views, which complimented all outdoor meals, be it our favourite evening BBQ’s or simple breakfasts.

The actual house is made of two separate living areas, where they both have independent kitchens, shower rooms and a living room, inclusive of two bedrooms in each.

The outdoor eating area has a fully functioning kitchen, BBQ area and a family sized eating area. The pool is perfectly situated within the Villa, it’s of a good healthy size too.

The town of Álora is no more than a 10 minute drive and easy to get too. The whole ambience of the holiday was relaxing and we left feeling as if we had both enjoyed ourselves as a family and a much needed break from it all, especially considering the current climate.

Francis and Maria (the home owners), have been extremely hospitable and respectful of any needs or requests we might of needed during our stay here. We already look forward to seeing them again on our next family vacation here ❤️
Recuerdos de mi estancia
Publicado el: 22/08/2020
Calidad/Precio 10
Trato 10
Instalaciones y servicios 10
Limpieza 10
Confort 10
Situación 10
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